Introduction to the Glock 19

Introduction to Glock 19

Is your firearm not as efficient as you expect? Do you need something more functional and that gives a good feeling when you grasp it? Oh, the answer is obvious. Yeah! A smart firearm with the latest military-grade technology and efficiency is what you need. Relax, I am about to unveil to you the latest evolution, the magnificent Glock 19 handgun.

Glock 19 is an all-round talent when it comes to a 21st-century firearm. It is smartly designed as a concealable carry-around weapon and a backup weapon.

Just to jog your memory on what you might have known before. There have been stories and comments from people about incidents where they experience their firearms getting jammed and not discharging everything in the Mags. We have also heard inaccuracy and misfiring. Commonly, the sad part of this is that many users complain because they have only had their guns for a short time. And besides, a firearm that is new and kept clean ideally should not jam when being used. Instead, it should work optimally. Let’s put that on one side.

Everyone has also been craving for a more compact pistol that works perfectly in the hands of both male and female. Since history had had little change in the kinds of firearms manufactured and sold by the firearms businesses, more attention was needed for both genders. Industries like Ruger and others are trying their best, at least. But history still supports the works and series of weapons produced by Glock – thanks to their military-based product framework of firearm that works equally for both men and women. 

Since the Glock pistol series began, everyone has been seeing improvement in what an ideal pistol should look like and the gender balance of who can use a gun/pistol, either male or female. Since Glock 19 was launched, numerous people of both genders acknowledge its accuracy. Well, if you haven’t read reviews as such before, I will share with you some fantastic facts about Glock 19 and the Glock series in this article. Read on, huh! But before we proceed, let’s check out the history and success story of the Glock company.

What is the history of the Glock company?

Starting as a rod/wood manufacturing company, Glock began operation in the 60s. It’s kinda funny, though. But the thing is, during that time, goods that are made from wood, metals or polymers were manufactured by limited employees – let’s say only three. So, it’s like Gaston Glock was popular at that time. 

Between 1970 and 1979, the company was contracted to supply military products like field knives, heavy gun belts, grenade casings, and some training materials. The big contract launched Gaston Glock, the founder of Glock19 into the firearms business.

By 1981, Glock developed its first semi-automatic pistol which is the first generation G17. The G17 had quality polymer frame, and its Safe Action System changed the framework of the pistol market. More guns were produced, and for their reliability, durability and consistent improvement, Glock products were gladly accepted. They were not only embraced by law enforcement but the commercial markets.

In 1988, the first G19 was launched. This time, it was built with few component parts to reduce malfunctioning. And from that day onward, Glock company has been improving the product quality to the taste of both the commercial market and the law enforcement arm. Via outstanding upgrades from time to time, Glock has been setting the pace in the firearm industry.      

What is so special about the Glock 19 pistol?

There are lots of things about the Glock 19 pistol. And they cut across a variety of features and functionalities. One of these is the fact that Glock 19 works really good and is reliable. It arguably holds the highest reliability rating amongst other combat pistols in the market. And that makes it why Glock 19 is the best gun in the firearm market today.

Once you open the Glock 19 box, you’re good to go. You don’t need any time waiting as you will often see with other pistols. The hilarious part of the gist is that, regardless of whether the G19 pistol is dirty or has not been used for a long time, Glock 19 shoots through anything you put it at.

Let talk about complexity. You will agree with me that when it comes to firearms generally, complexity goes a very long way. However, with Glock 19 pistol, this is not an issue. It is a product known for its simplicity, coupled with a high level of function. The design is straightforward, no compromise. There is no flimsy design. All you see is a full package with features working together to give you remarkable shooting experience.

Interestingly, Glock 19 pistol has just 33 distinctive parts if you dismantle it to see what it’s made of. And you will subscribe to the fact that gun with fewer assembling parts makes it less prone to break off or fail in action. Thus with Glock 19 with 33-parts, there is no room for malfunctioning.

Further, Glock 19 is special because of its usability. It is easy to use. The ease of use makes it a good start for amateur shooters without much experience with firearms. You really don’t need anyone to train you on which thumb is to place where. With Glock 19 use, there are no extra controls. In fact, it doesn’t have external thumb safety, and so, you have less to worry about. All you need to get it discharged to the direction you desire is the slide stop, magazine release and trigger. That’s all. You see, these are all a pistol needs – no too many details to distracts you.

The Key features of Glock 19 and performance

If it’s about reliability, this pistol is reliable. And if it’s about ready-to-go performance, Glock 19 is a rapid action pistol that gets you to precision. With 100,000 shots, this pistol will not have any malfunction. In fact, from experience, many close associates have recalled their experience of Glock 19 as fantastic. Firing 60,000, 200,000 9mm rounds and more, this handgun gives no sign of petty-petty action error.

The handgun, Glock 19, is designed to withstand any brutal condition. This pistol is not just like your regular kind of gun. It is the safest tactical firearm to get you through any unprecedented situation.

Balancing. There is the Marksman barrel stabilizing the shots fired. The balanced dual recoil spring works perfectly, creating smooth kicks. This allows you to have accurate precision and lock back quickly on target. And as far as you might test its accuracy, Glock 19 averages minimum 3inches, 5-shot patterns when you fire at 25 yards. At least you know what this means, right? Exactly.

It no longer has the finger grooves as they were in the previous series like Gen3 or 4. And as for the grip, the different back straps work just best for that – giving you the best ergonomic grip size you need. It still retains the regular squared-off trigger guard, and the sights occupy the slide ends mounted on top of it. The mags capacity ranges from 10 to 33 rounds for whichever you choose. So, generally and in terms of performance, the Glock19 pistol is comfortable. It is a well-balanced gun and provides a soft and smooth shooting.

Specification, size, weight, capacity, 

Technically, the G19 pistol uses a 9x19mm caliber. The total handgun weight capacity without the mags is 600g/21.16oz. Its standard Magazine Capacity is 15 (with options to choose 10,17,19,24,31, and 33). The weight with an empty magazine is around 670g/23.63oz, and when the mag is fully loaded, you will have 855g/30.16oz. It also has 102mm/4.02inch barrel length.

You can learn more about the G19 specs and the parts of the labels we’re talking about below.


Why you should go for Glock 19

It is not flattering when we say Glock 19 is the best pistol in the market, as far as it is widely known. Why, because as you have been following since the start of this article review, there are endless reasons why you should choose Glock 19. It is a whole kit on its own, and it certainly will be an advantage to you when in a combat situation – thanks to its ease of use.

One of the foremost reasons to go for Glock 19 when choosing which pistol to buy is based on the leverage it has from several other firearm sellers. You can literarily find accessories for Glock pistols anywhere in a gun shop. Glock probably makes available all their accessories to satisfy their customer needs. And frankly speaking, it is really a good idea.

If you need accessories like extra magazines and holster, you will get them from any gun store. Even items like triggers, lights and sights can be easily found from any available gun shop. And if you want lasers, you will find them easily too. Just branch in, and there you go! Unlike other gun brands where you need to track down their parts and accessories, Glock brand has a volume of accessories, enough to go round for every purchase.

Companies producing gun accessories will always make holsters specifically for Glock 19. So, you do not ever need to worry about finding the accurate holster for your Glock 19. And interestingly, Glock pistols and firearms have become so popular that more and more gun manufacturers have been designing their guns to accommodate Glock magazines. Sounds fun, right? Oh yeah!

Another thing that will interest you about Glock 19 pistol is the price. And this is not just about the price alone but even the cost of the accessories. Although Glock 19 and other Glock series prices aren’t the cheapest in the firearm market, they are within par (not too expensive). You can sometimes find quality pistols prices around $600. And Glock’s pistols prices fall with that average.

When it comes to the accessories, the prices are way lower than you will think. For instance, instead of spending over $50 to buy an extra magazine, Glock mags cost not more than $25 for a piece. I hope you know you have to thank Glock for helping you to save money.


If you have been into firearms for some time and have not bought a Glock pistol, especially, the Glock 19, you are missing a lot. Many people who were hating on the gun are now coming out to tell about the G19 pistol. So, if you are a novice starting your journey in the firearm usage industry, Glock 19 is the best and reliable hand pistol for you. Again, Glock 19 is the right partner to begin your journey. It is simple to use and has high compactness. It is simple to learn and use. And it is also less expensive compared to other pistol brands in the market.

Further, if you are looking for durability in time and season, Glock 19 is the right choice for you. It is pragmatic, no details are needed before you get used to it. This generation of Glock series is a bang, and, that’s why the market demand for it is always high. You can find out the stats. 

Okay, now that you have learned what you need to know about Glock 19, it’s time to go get yours and check it out. Glock 19 is the best pistol still in the market today, and nothing has challenged that fact since its launch. Check it out and have the best firearm experience. 

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